Journey to Independence – What your parents forgot to tell you

For your fave teen

Journey to Independence

Find out what your parents forgot to tell you!

There will undoubtedly be aspects of life (other than basic life skills) that your parents may never find the opportunity
to talk with you about. There are things that need to be learned about oneself before becoming independent,
and for any teen to mature and become well-rounded.

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To Independence

Learn more about yourself over time by writing brief comments in response to each prompt like:

  • Awareness, acceptance, and introspection of oneself
  • Work, life, and social skills
  • Personalities and behavior tendencies
  • Thankfulness and assurances that will assist your focus to turn toward happiness

What distinguishes this teen workbook from other teen publications is:

  1. The author is not a psychologist; rather, is a parent who noticed that the fundamental basics were being neglected because there were more significant everyday occurrences, obstacles and difficulties.
  2. It helps teenagers to consider their future and how they want it to turn out, without the nagging of a parent.
  3. Growth over time on a graph! Work on it for the first year in the wellness journey, then revisit it annually to see if your conclusions have changed or your course has become more obvious.


A little Jot Down

Come in small quantities

Great Things

What your parents forgot to tell you - A prompted workbook





Your Eyes

Who will you become?

Mystery and Suspense:

Take a self-care discovery of who you are today and who you might become.







Little Self-discovery Journey


It's more of a workbook that you can use on a regular basis to check-in with and perform a little self-discovery by identifying what makes you happy rather than a strong push on how to become independent.




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