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Vizuluxe is a design studio with a strong background in marketing and sales. We specialize in creating emotional and enticing imagery for every phase of the home building industry. Our clients include new home builders, architects, real estate agents and interior designers. We also serve the “value-enhancing” businesses that complement the home building industry, including landscape designers, upscale re-modelers and building supply vendors.

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Once Vizuluxe takes on your project we move swiftly to create a strong brand image for you; whether your product is a single building site or a large community of homes in progress. As your project evolves, we update your marketing to keep it fresh and relevant. In today’s competitive marketplace it is important to remain agile in every phase of your business venture!


Marketing and Graphic Design Services

Marketing and Graphic Design Services

OUR Marketing Approach

Our vision is to serve the needs of the home builders, architects, landscape and interior designers who make the dream of quality home ownership come true for their clients. Our many years of experience in real estate and quality control enables us to deliver tailored and polished images that not only speak to the consumer on an emotional and esthetic level but also convey the integrity of well-made products. We are different from other design studios in that we focus on quality homes and renovations and helping our clients to establish themselves in this new and growing marketplace.

Our Story

We started out in the hotel and travel industries, gaining design and marketing experience while becoming well-versed in the Six Sigma and Lean philosophies. We were soon intrigued by the growing application of these efficiency  and quality-control procedures to new home building and remodels. We are now focused entirely on the home-building industry, delivering brands and images to help our customers showcase their quality products and services. We are  excited and proud to be a member of New England’s growing, quality home industry!

Graphic Design | The art or skill of combining text and pictures to drive home a point through print or mobile media channels


There is structure in everything that we come into contact with, natural and man-made. Graphic design is an opportunity to organize that structure into a focused communication, infusing art and images so that when the message is viewed, it is understood on deeper levels. A trained graphic designer takes the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and applies another multiplier to it; art, motion, words, music and powerful sequencing. The resulting imagery might communicate the impressive setting of a stately home… or the promise of a sunny afternoon in an expansive garden… or simply the warm welcome that one experiences when entering a well-lit foyer.

Creating these infused images requires a skill-set that is both learned and intuited.  At Vizuluxe, we design a unique grid for each project, large or small. This grid then serves as a framework for our designers to organize the graphic elements of the project in a rational, easy-to-absorb manner. At Vizuluxe, our 23 years of experience in graphic designs will help you to shape and deliver your message to a targeted  audience… And  when you’re ready, we can expand that audience for you with one of our focused marketing programs.

An image can be a visual picture existing in two dimensions on a printed or an electronic page, its design guiding the viewer as they subconsciously fill in the third dimension with their imagination. Then there’s an image as “persona” existing in more a completed state with dynamic elements in motion. Creating a fully dimensional image that reflects both our client and their project is what we do here at Vizuluxe. The Vizuluxe Image engages and triggers emotion… And demands a response!              View the Gallery.

The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee of success. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer looks for a solution that fits their personal style and experience. One must learn how to lay all the elements of the image on the grid; it is an art that requires practice.


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Would you like to spend a few minutes talking with us about your brand and marketing requirements? Let us show you the Vizuluxe Way! Telephone or text us at 603-770-9201 or Email Us


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