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POSITIONING – begin the brand work

Part of our services in Marketing is developing your brand to be built on a strong foundation (pun intended for the builders we work with!).

A positioning statement is an explicit statement the describes how we play in the market by identifying the customer, our winning value proposition and the key differentiating attributes.

The anatomy of a positioning statement must include the target market/customer, their needs, the product, and unique value proposition and differentiation. See below for the construct of a positioning statement.

Product Positioning Framework

  1. For (target customers)
  2. Who must (solve a specific problem)
  3. Our product is a new (new product category)
  4. That provides (key breakthrough benefit vs. current way of doing things – which solves dilemma)
  5. Unlike (competitor in new category)
  6. We have (whole product most relevant for you)


We would deliver something like this for a new pocket neighborhood…

  1. For empty nesters
  2. Who are looking to downsize and take advantage of an urban lifestyle
  3. We offer a unique downtown community enclave (or pocket neighborhood) with all the benefits of Portsmouth right outside your door
  4. That provides luxurious, easy living in a high-end home that you help design and create
  5. Unlike traditional neighborhoods that have overly dense living, privacy compromises and cookie cutter fit-outs
  6. We have a unique combination of urban living, high-end individual units that lets you easily enjoy a full Portsmouth lifestyle

Progressing forward – the LOGO

The functionality behind a branding logo goes far beyond being just a pretty iconic visual. At the heart of our branding efforts, your logo should represent the essence of your company’s personality and fit with your brand sophistication level.

There are rules in design, from using certain categories font faces, such as handwritten, semi serif etc,  moving towards understanding the importance of balance and thoughtful design, here are few steps we use to design a solid logo or in our world a stamp or a BUG, it must be able to be reproduced cleanly and in vector format:


It’s critical to capture in the tagline, the unique value proposition that innately differentiates you from your competitors. 

  1.  Luxury neighborhood enclave in the heart of Portsmouth
  2.  Exclusive enclave in the heart of Portsmouth
  3.  A luxury enclave steps from the heart of Portsmouth
  4.  Suburban Feel in the Heart of the City of Portsmouth

Style Guide

The Corporate Branding Style Guidelines are being built brick by brick. The logo style will dictate the imagery and lifestyle or brand you are creating. We then present to you the standards guidelines and begin your marketing plans that will include campaigns for all marketing channels.