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At my core, I believe that every child and teen deserves the tools and guidance necessary to succeed in life. That's why I've dedicated my creative work to designing meaningful, impactful and tactile publications that serve as resources for our little ones and our teens. Reading stimulates imagination, develops social skills, and helps you learn about the world.


Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow, Children's picture book.

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Emma and the Tugboat Tourist Twist, Children's picture book.


Journey to Independence: What your parents forgot to tell you. Teen Workbook.

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Journey to Independence; Parents Guide to helping your teen find their way. Just Released!

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Emma and the Tugboat Tourist Twist, Emma's latest adventure story is being released July 27, 2023.

Vizulxue - Janet Bagley


EMMA AND THE tugboat tourist twist

Embark on a thrilling escapade with Emma and Abbey, the courageous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, in the captivating pages of Emma and the Tugboat Tourist Twist. Emma is full of spunk, as we learn about in her first story, Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow. Emma is brazen and her friend Abbey, not so much. As their unexpected tugboat ride unfolds, guiding a ship into the harbor becomes the prelude to an adrenaline-pumping twist involving and a remarkable and heroic boy named Finn from London, England.

Set against the backdrop of their extraordinary and historically rich hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this enchanting story transports readers to a world brimming with surprises around every bend. It will make you want to visit this charming little city, if you haven't already. Prepare to be swept away on an unforgettable journey, where the vast depths of the sea unveil beautiful discoveries and the enduring bonds of friendship reveal their true power.

Within the colorful hand drawn images of the book, young readers may eagerly search with wide eyes and excited anticipation, delighting in the challenge of spotting the tiny tugboat hidden amidst a sea of bustling activity on most pages.

Hardcover – $19.99  |  ISBN 979-8-9881215-2-7

Paperback – $12.99   |  ISBN - coming soon



In Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow, readers follow the journey of a spunky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Emma as she learns to believe in herself through the power of yoga. Emma dreams of mastering yoga like her big sister, Felicia, but struggles to keep up. However, when faced with the toughest challenges a pup can face-rescuing a baby squirrel and saving a little mouse-Emma discovers that yoga is not just a physical exercise but a tool to help others. Through determination and perseverance, Emma becomes a true yoga queen who learns that anything is possible. This heartwarming tale of self-discovery and unlimited compassion is a must-read for children and parents alike.

Hardcover – $19.99  |  ISBN 979-8-9881215-0-3

Paperback – $12.99   |  ISBN 979-8-9881215-1-0


Journey to Independence

“Hello Peoples”
— my pre-teen used to say it every time they entered a room.
Today, I'm lucky if I get a bruuuh!...

In particular, middle schoolers who were just beginning to discover their identities were cheated out of graduations and social and emotional development by the pandemic. It turns out they really need those middle years to discover themselves.

Journey to Independence is an ultimate, fun, silly, self-discovery workbook for middle-to high-school students written by a parent, not a therapist. As a parent, you know that there are some aspects of life and its twists and turns that you might not get the opportunity to discuss with them. Casually drop them this workbook: it's designed to help (over a long period of time) your teen explore who they are and want to be without feeling like they are being nagged or lectured by the opposing team, "the parents".

  • 12 month - wellness journey for physical and mental health tracking
  • Teens briefly note their thoughts and progress and see how they're thinking over time
  • Prioritizing personal growth enables teens to navigate challenges with confidence in themselves
  • Gaining confidence in who you are, allows decision making to come more naturally
  • Casually reminds them that their thoughts will dictate their mood
  • Awareness, acceptance, and introspection of oneself
  • Powerful key platform to explore and develop their school, life, and social skills, empowering them to achieve personal growth, success, and fulfillment in life
  • Gratitude and affirmations to help shift their focus towards happiness and positivity

Give your teen the gift of self-care and order this workbook now! Parents guided version arriving summer 2023.

Hardcover – $34.99  |  ISBN 979-8386511579

Paperback – $19.99   | ISBN 979-8375546230


Journey to Independence - PARENTS GUIDE

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive Parents Guide, "Journey to Independence: Helping Your Teen Find Their Way." Navigating the intricate world of teenage antics requires finesse, and our guide equips you with invaluable insights and tips to foster open communication with your crafty teen.

  • Discover strategies to navigate their ever-changing lives, connecting with them on a deeper level while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Unleash meaningful discussions and steer clear of mundane inquiries with our guide's carefully curated topics of conversation.
  • Engage in thought-provoking dialogues that delve into their true interests, aspirations, and dreams, while also exploring their evolving identity.
  • With this valuable resource at your fingertips, you'll help your teen establish healthy habits, nurture self-care practices, and navigate the complexities of adolescent well-being.

Our guide is also brimming with effective communication strategies for talking to your crafty teen. Gain insight into what to say (and what to avoid) to keep the lines of communication open, creating an environment that promotes growth, self-expression, and resilience.


You're ready to embark on this remarkable journey, order our Parents Guide, "Journey to Independence: Helping Your Teen Find Their Way," and gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the thrilling world of teenage antics. Strengthen your relationship with your teen, ignite meaningful conversations, and empower them to become their best selves. Take the exciting step toward independence together and watch your teen flourish.


Hardcover – COMING SOON  |  ISBN 979-000000000

Paperback – $24.99   | ISBN 979-8395190635

Journey to Independence - reviews

What a Fantastic Book! I am so happy I bought this as a gift

Katherine — "I bought this book as a gift for my newly turned 14 year-old niece. I am thrilled! The book provides a wonderful, interactive way for her reflect on her own thinking - who she is, who she wants to be, and what she is planning for her future. I am particularly happy with the section on Creative Writing that allows a young person to explore their own thinking about a series of different topics/questions through writing short stories. While I am a very analytical person who would approach the goals and calendar with eagerness, the creative writing section would allow me to slow down and truly think. As a former middle and high school teacher, I believe this book is a great way to provide the guidance and support a young person needs through exploration and self-discovery. Thank you for a great book!"


Great tool to open up communication

Daniel — "My daughter is one of these 13 year olds going on 18. She's a straight A student, self driven, and mature beyond her years. Like most kids, she's beginning to see the larger world around her and she is still finding out her place in it. There are so many practical and useful things in this book that even myself and her mother find it very helpful. I think she is really understanding the content because we engage her and give her real life examples of when and how it is useful. It is also great because it is about self discovery, emotional intelligence, and how to solve problems and deal with people. All very important stuff I wish I knew when I was much much younger. If she can master these skills early, she will have a huge advantage as an adult and that can only help her continue on her road to success."

Great book if you have a child age 12-17

Shelley — "Loved this interactive book, made time to sit down with my 16 year old daughter and actually talk about real life issues!!

Another highlight of the guidebook is its emphasis on communication and collaboration between teens and parents. The author stress the importance of building strong relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. She provides concrete strategies for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and setting boundaries. I loved the healthy eating goals and the monthly calendar at end of book. Highly recommended."

Where was this book when I needed it?

Preston — "Janet's information tells us that she works as a graphic designer. Well I'm here to tell you she's all that and more. The design work performed on this self-help book is masterful and professional to the extreme. The subject matter is both insightful and illuminating. Janet reaches for the young and inexperienced High school teen and provides tips and instructions for navigating life after graduation. Speaking from my own experience, it took me years to learn all the things Janet covers in this book. Well worth the price and would make a great gift for your children, or (in my case) grandchildren about to step into adulthood. Wonderful book."

Very helpful for teen sister

Brother — "Gifted this to my sister. Has been a great help with her development into early adulthood. Highly recommend for 14-18 year olds."


Janet Bagley, a native of New England and is graphic designer by trade. Her education began at Endicott College with her degree in visual communications. She has 13 years of design, layout and marketing for The Memory Jogger company. Her writing skills were enhanced by the marketing copy written about the tiny training books and other products during her marketing career. Janet created Vizuluxe, her marketing company, that has also markets and publishes her latest books.


My two latest books, "Journey to Independence: What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You" and "Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow," are specifically designed to empower and inspire children and teens on their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.

"Journey to Independence" is a practical guide that provides young readers with valuable insights and advice on navigating life's challenges and achieving their goals through their own self-discovery. Through a combination of personal anecdotes, practical tips, and relatable examples/prompts, this book equips young readers with the tools they need to become confident and independent individuals. The parents version was just released Summer 2023.

"Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow," on the other hand, is an engaging and captivating story that teaches important yoga and mindfulness lessons about perseverance, bravery, and the power of friendship. It follows the journey of a young pup named Emma, who must overcome various obstacles in order to uncover the truth about herself and the achievment of the golden bow.

Both of these books are written with the unique needs and interests of children and teens in mind, and I am confident that they will provide young readers with the support and inspiration they need to achieve personal growth. So whether your child needs a boost of confidence or simply loves a good story, I invite you to explore my books and discover the tools that will help your child thrive.



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