Emma and The Secret of The Golden Bow – Hardcover


Emma learns the power of yoga, courage, and kindness, inspiring and empowering young readers through its uplifting message. Beautifully illustrated picture book is the perfect gift for kids aged 4-9, teaching important values such as self-confidence, empathy, and determination.

In Emma and the Secret of the Golden Bow, readers follow the journey of a spunky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Emma as she learns to believe in herself through the power of yoga. Emma dreams of mastering yoga like her big sister, Felicia, but struggles to keep up. However, when faced with the toughest challenges a pup can face-rescuing a baby squirrel and saving a little mouse—Emma discovers that yoga is not just a physical exercise but a tool to help others. Through determination and perseverance, Emma becomes a true yoga queen who learns that anything is possible.

This heartwarming tale of self-discovery and unlimited compassion is a must-read for children and parents alike.

Give your child the gift of an unforgettable story and valuable life lessons. Share the magic of ‘Emma and The Secret of the Golden Bow’ with your family today!

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