Journey to Independence: What your parents forgot to tell you. – Hardcover

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What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You!
In particular, middle schoolers who were just beginning to discover their identities were cheated out of peer interaction, necessary for maturity, graduations and social and emotional development by the pandemic. It turns out they really need those middle years to discover themselves. This self-discovery workbook is the guide for middle to high schoolers to master over a few years.

Journal Style – Workbook

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“Hello Peoples”
— my pre-teen used to say it every time they entered a room.
Today, I’m lucky if I get a bruuuh!…

Journey to Independence is an ultimate, fun, silly, self-discovery workbook for middle-to high-school students written by a parent, not a therapist. As a parent, you know that there are some aspects of life and its twists and turns that you might not get the opportunity to discuss with them. Casually drop them this workbook: it’s designed to help (over a long period of time) your teen explore who they are and want to be without feeling like they are being nagged or lectured by the opposing team, “the parents”.

  • 12 month – wellness journey for physical and mental health tracking
  • Teens briefly note their thoughts and progress and see how they’re thinking over time
  • Prioritizing personal growth enables teens to navigate challenges with confidence in themselves
  • Gaining confidence in who you are, allows decision making to come more naturally
  • Casually reminds them that their thoughts will dictate their mood
  • Awareness, acceptance, and introspection of oneself
  • Powerful key platform to explore and develop their school, life, and social skills, empowering them to achieve personal growth, success, and fulfillment in life
  • Gratitude and affirmations to help shift their focus towards happiness and positivity

Give your teen the gift of self-care and order this workbook now!


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1 review for Journey to Independence: What your parents forgot to tell you. – Hardcover

  1. Janet Ireland

    My daughter is one of these 13 year olds going on 18. She’s a straight A student, self driven, and mature beyond her years. Like most kids, she’s beginning to see the larger world around her and she is still finding out her place in it. There are so many practical and useful things in this book that even myself and her mother find it very helpful. I think she is really understanding the content because we engage her and give her real life examples of when and how it is useful. It is also great because it is about self discovery, emotional intelligence, and how to solve problems and deal with people. All very important stuff I wish I knew when I was much much younger. If she can master these skills early, she will have a huge advantage as an adult and that can only help her continue on her road to success. – Daniel