Journey to Independence: What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You

Journey to Independence: What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You

Feb 17th 2023

Janet Bagley – Author and publisher
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Learn what your parents forgot to tell you!!!!

Portsmouth, NH, Vizuluxe today announced a new teen workbook — “Journey to Independence: What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You.” Designed to help all teens on their path to self-discovery and personal growth, providing a guide to help them navigate through the uncertainties and challenges of life.

After Covid many teenagers are often left to navigate their way through life without the necessary support or guidance. “Journey to Independence” is here to help fill that gap by providing a practical and engaging resource for teenagers to consider their future and how they want it to turn out without a nagging parent over them.

This anytime/over-time workbook is unique in that it encourages self-discovery, awareness, and introspection of oneself. By answering prompts and engaging with the content, teens can learn more about their personalities, behaviors, work and life skills, and develop thankfulness and assurance that will help them turn towards happiness and more confidence.

The author of this workbook is not a psychologist, but rather a parent who felt like they were failing with their teen who was entering high school and getting suspended for bullying, and in that many of the fundamental basics were being neglected because life was so chaotic.

What sets this workbook apart is it provides a place to track growth over time. They can work on it for the first year in the mental and physical wellness journey, then revisit it annually to see if conclusions have changed or their life course has become more obvious.

Consider featuring “Journey to Independence” in your media releases at a price point of $19.99 its affordable for such a long term tool. It’s a powerful avenue for teenagers to discover who they are and develop essential life skills, and we believe that it will make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people everywhere.

Available on Amazon, and our local book store River Run Bookstore just started carrying it. 

Sincerely, Janet Bagley
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